Shirt ties are fun for formal events

Little Known Intellectual Properties

The copyright, patent, and trademark are the exclusive rights given to the creator, the author, and the owner of any specific work or thing. It is specially used to protect the original idea-expression in the form of creative work. When you look around yourself, you can find a lot of images, phrases, noises, or colors in your daily life that are copyrighted, patented, and trademarked that will surprise and astound you.

Some of these items are the intellectual property of people or companies and have legal paperwork to prove their ownership. In this article, you will learn of some things that you didn’t know were copyrighted, patented, or trademarked.

a. Photos of the Eiffel Tower at Night

Many people love to capture any images of the Eiffel Tower at day time or night. If you take a picture of this tower at night, you are going to enjoy its magnificent and incredible lighting display. However, you can only use this image for your personal use.

When you want to sell the night image of this magnificent illumination from the Eiffel Tower, you need to request permission from the Societe d’Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel. This company is the one that runs this famous landmark. The Eiffel Tower lighting display that may be turned on during the nighttime is a copyrighted one.

b. The Shirt Tie Design

Shirt ties are fun for formal events

shirt tie is a special licensed and trademarked design or image placed on apparel. You may have seen this design in major motion film promotional tee shirts from Super Troopers 2 or on Broadway play merchandise tee shirts from the great musical The Book of Mormon. This design is trademarked by Waltzing T Bear and their website is

In order to protect the design, a registered and incontestable trademark was taken on the shirt tie design. Waltzing T Bear is the home of fashionable smiles. This company is the sole owner of the design, so you cannot legally sell shirt ties without Licensing which is available.

c. Reese’s Orange Color

peanut butter cups

You may not expect to see a trademark for owning certain colors. However, this fact occurs with the Reese peanut butter cup. The orange color on Reese’s packaging cannot be seen in any other food packaging. This orange color is specially created to be unique as is representative from Reese’s.

When you flip Reese’s peanut butter cup, you can find a clear message at the backside of the packaging. This message will state that the orange background color in this packaging is a registered trademark from Reese’s.

d. The Word “Face” in the Social Media World

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms that you can find in the market today. Mark Zuckerberg is trying hard to protect all assets from this platform.   They have gone so far as to make the word “Face” a trademark from Facebook.

There is no other social media platform that can contain the word “face” on its domain or business name. However, this limitation only applies to the social media platform. This trademark was specially created by Facebook team members, so other social media platforms cannot steal their ideas.

e. The Sound of the Darth Vader’s Breathing

You may not expect to see this type of trademark available in the world. Lucasfilm has already trademarked the Anakin Skywalker inhale and exhale process. This unique sound can come from the breathing process through a scuba regulator.

The sound comes out from the helmet that is used by Darth Vader. You cannot use this type of sound for selling any products or services to other people on the Internet. If you are planning to use this sound, you are going to ask for permission from the Lucasfilm.

f. Slide-to-Unlock function from Apple

This is another unique intellectual property that you can find in the world today. When you look at your iPhone, you can find its Slide-to-Unlock function. This is not just a cool feature from your iPhone, but it is an asset for Apple company. The gesture for unlocking your iPhone has a patent that is owned by Apple.

The company was able to sue Samsung for $119.6 million for using this similar function on the Samsung devices. After a long battle in the court, Apple won the court against Samsung. There is no other competitor who can use this similar function on any other device.

We hope you have enjoyed these little known facts and try them out as conversation starters with your friends.

Waltzing T Bear

Shirts can not get any cooler than these!

Dedicated to the Designer

Are you a designer of clothing, jewelry, motorcycles, gardens, cookware, or any other thousands of products that come to your way of expression? Our hats go off to you who sometimes through loneliness and without anyone boosting your ego for support soldier through to the other side. You may not be the hero of today but you could be the hero of tomorrow. 

       I would like to tell you about a hero designer from 35 years ago, my sister, may she rest in peace.  Rio passed away from breast cancer, after a successful yet troubled career as an accessory leather designer.  Even today her cloth belt and leather week-at-a-glance book designs are copied in high-end fashion shops around the globe.  She had to eventually leave her business behind due to the ceaseless copying of her designs by others. There was no recourse that she had available because she never went to an attorney to copyright, patent, or trademark her designs. Like many of you designers she was a totally creative loving person who would not be able to imagine that after years of school and hard work others would just copy her designs and sell them without giving her the credit she deserved.

        It was due to her misfortune in being taken advantage of and losing her business that I decided to copyright the shirt tie designs immediately upon starting Waltzing T Bear.  I went to the law firm of Cantor Colburn because I was friends with a man whose son in law was the founder of that company. I am now recommending that you think about this for yourself.

      From starting with copyrights, the law firm recommended a design patent, and then from that, we worked to acquire a trademark. Though this process is laborious and costly it will be fruitful with time.  It has enabled Waltzing T Bear to contact Fortune 500 Company’s that unknowingly have infringed upon our trademarked intellectual property and work out contractual agreements that allow them to continue with their use of the shirt tie design. Since we are now a brand owner, Waltzing T Bear has companies coming to us to license the right to use our intellectual property designs instead of using them without any recourse or consequences.        

  If you look at the link page on our website you will see some references that may be of help to you.  If there is anything we can do to assist you, we are willing to be of help, just call or email.

Little Dude Shirt Tie

Shirt Tie Uses in Pop Culture

Since its inception in 1993, the “Shirt Tie” has changed the fashion world as we know it. What started out as a unique and fun design created by Waltzing T Bear, has since become a popular gift. Be casual and comfortable while looking fashionable! Change the color of the shirt and the design of the tie, and you have a unique, comfy outfit for basically any occasion. Many companies have adapted our trademark and made it their own. Here are a few of our happy partners.

Colleges & Universities

University of Virginia Shirt Tie
University of Virginia Shirt Tie

While many universities use the trademark without knowing they’re infringing, The University of Virginia is an example of one of our trendy collaborators.  The Cavaliers licensed the perfect outfit piece for attending basketball and football games: a white tee that shows a printed navy blue and orange striped tie. Look cool and swanky at your next sporting event while rocking your school’s colors!


Book of Mormon Shirt Tie
Book of Mormon Shirt Tie

Another example is our best-seller licenser: TONY Award-winning Broadway musical- The Book of Mormon. In their stores, you can find what they call the “Tie Tee”, a white t-shirt that features a black-tie printed on the front of the tee with the musical’s logo. This shirt is perfect for fans that want to match the missionary costumes’ that the main characters wear. Use this shirt to ring doorbells, knock on doors, and share the most amazing book.


How I Met Your Mother Shirt Tie
How I Met Your Mother Shirt Tie

Known for always wearing a suit and tie on How I Met Your Mother, Barney Stinson is a perfect example of how our shirts are used in pop culture. After losing a bet with Marshall, stylish Barney has to wear for a full year a tie he made fun of for its appearance: blue with yellow ducks on it. Because the tie became a running joke in the show and gained cult following, the sitcom licensed our product and launched the perfect gift for any HIMYM fan: a cotton t-shirt with a blue tie and small yellow duckies printed on it. Every day is a lengen- wait for it- dary day with a shirt like this one.

More Television

Simpsons Shirt Tie
Simpsons Shirt Tie

Another popular television show that has acquired licensing rights is The Simpsons. Online you can find a white shirt with an orange striped tie printed on it and Homer’s name tag. Perfect for binge watching this great cartoon show, taking a walk through an amusement park, or dressing up for Halloween, the cotton t-shirt will have you looking like Springfield’s favorite Power Plant safety inspector (complete with a donut stain and everything!).


Spiderman Shirt Tie
Spiderman Shirt Tie

Besides sports, theatre, and television, our licensing also reaches the comic world. Marvel’s Spider-Man has used our product to make some of its most popular merch. One example is a fun crew-neck royal blue t-shirt that features a large Spider-Man graphic tie at the chest. Have your kids swing into action with their favorite superhero! Shirts like these are perfect birthday and Christmas presents for every Peter Parker fan.


There are infinite possibilities in how you can customize our basic outline and design your own “Shirt Tie”. For a small license fee, Waltzing Bear offers a non-exclusive license to design, print, and sell Shirt Ties. From uniforms to customized gifts to promotional apparel, our product has infinite possibilities! If you’re interested in joining our group of licensees and using our outline, contact Waltzing T Bear today!

For more details, contact:

Waltzing T Bear
674 Prospect Ave, Suite 302
Hartford, CT 06105
Phone (860) 983-3857

Tie Printed on Shirt

Why Wear A Shirt With A Tie Printed On It?

Tie Printed on Shirt
Tie Printed on Shirt

Ties printed on shirts are a unique design concept that has taken the world of retail fashion by storm. A concept so novel yet so simple has been the brainchild of Waltzing T Bear, a company which, to this day, holds the trademark over funky ties on shirts designs. If you don’t have your own tie printed tee already, read on to find out what you are missing, as well as the other options this brand serves.

The Rise And Rise Of The Shirt Tie

Waltzing T Bear was formally established in 1993 by the combined efforts of Sol Sandlow and David Hoff. At that time, the unique design idea of shirt ties generated immense buzz in the streets. People flocked to the concept like bees to dahlia. The reason was simple- the need to tie a tie had been obviated. All the time taken to tie a knot, ensure the perfect length and choose it in accordance with the attire worn, had been replaced by simply pulling on a tee with a tie printed on it. All the hassle and effort minimalized by a single, tiny innovation.

What makes this idea even more popular is the funk factor and flexibility it accords. You need not reserve your Shirt Tie for formal wear alone. Given the colors, design patterns and shapes that the tie can be given to, it can be worn almost everywhere! From parties, to dates to casual outings with friends, they are suitable for almost every occasion imaginable!

In fact, Shirt Ties are the best dressing up option for people who opt for casual aesthetics. Shirt Ties offer the perfect combination of high design with casual funk. Very few fashion outlets can boast of such permutations and combinations as much as Waltzing T Bear does.

Official Validation for the Shirt Tie Design:

Waltzing T Bear’s concept has received corroboration and validation from a number of corporate events, collegiate sporting events, University site sales, Macy’s, Sears’s and many other top retail outlets. The TONY Award winning production, Book of Mormon, has even collaborated with! Loyal fans have always sworn by the design’s aesthetic functionality-from adults to children alike. Parents especially rave on about how fabulous their children look in an attractive Shirt Tie. Shirt Ties also serve as a perfect gift option for a lot of people, no matter what their sartorial preferences may be. With a bulk order for a particular design, they can be even worn as a typical campaign outfit, or can be used to promote an event or a cause. With the diverse utility of the shirt tie, the possibilities are simply endless!

Licensing Deals with Waltzing T Bear

Waltzing T Bear holds the trademark rights for the necktie shirt design (registered under the U.S Reg. No. 2746427). The basic outline of the design itself has been trademarked, notwithstanding the extra ornamentation and details that can be added to it. That being said, Waltzing T Bear has made provisions to use the Trademark for a small license fee. Waltzing T Bear offers a non-exclusive license to all its licensees to design, print and sell Shirt Ties featuring or bearing the Trademark on them.  All this while, Waltzing T Bear shall hold the exclusive rights to revoke the license as it so pleases, upon finding any violation of the Trademark.

Business With The Shirt Tie

Business outlets, retailers and small organizations can open portals of growth by partnering with Waltzing T Bear to sell their Shirt Tie Designs. Once their license is approved, Waltzing T Bear gives you free rein as an organization to approach any manufacturer or distributor to sell your own Shirt Tie Design! They make great uniforms and promotional apparel!

For further details, contact:

Waltzing T Bear
674 Prospect Ave, Suite 302
Hartford, CT 06105
Phone (860) 983-3857