Waltzing T Bear LLC is the owner of a registered trademark covering the fanciful design of a necktie on a shirt and enjoys the exclusive right to use the design. The registered trademark consists of the tie design itself, regardless of any decorative or ornamental material appearing on or in connection with said design. The United States Patent and Trademark Office made this same registration incontestable in August 2008.

Clothing featuring the design has been licensed and contracted by Waltzing T Bear for Broadway, major league sports, television show characters, college sports, and for motion picture apparel. Waltzing T Bear’s design is to be found in the numerous specialty retail stores, department chains, mall stores, and website fulfillment venues.

Please note that unauthorized use of an identical design, or a design confusingly similar thereto, is strictly prohibited in the absence of a written license or other agreement. Such unauthorized use of the tie design may be a trademark infringement under the law, and subject to legal recourse.

License the Trademarked Phenomenon!

If you are ready to take the next step, please contact us about licensing our trademarked design. We will work with you to fully license you or your business to legally produce and distribute a Shirt Tie Design of your very own!