Shirt Tie Uses in Pop Culture

Since its inception in 1993, the “Shirt Tie” has changed the fashion world as we know it. What started out as a unique and fun design created by Waltzing T Bear, has since become a popular gift. Be casual and comfortable while looking fashionable! Change the color of the shirt and the design of the tie, and you have a unique, comfy outfit for basically any occasion. Many companies have adapted our trademark and made it their own. Here are a few of our happy partners.

Colleges & Universities

University of Virginia Shirt Tie

university of virginia shirt tie

While many universities use the trademark without knowing they’re infringing, The University of Virginia is an example of one of our trendy collaborators.  The Cavaliers licensed the perfect outfit piece for attending basketball and football games: a white tee that shows a printed navy blue and orange striped tie. Look cool and swanky at your next sporting event while rocking your school’s colors!


Book of Mormon Shirt Tie

book of mormon shirt tie

Another example is our best-seller licenser: TONY Award-winning Broadway musical- The Book of Mormon. In their stores, you can find what they call the “Tie Tee”, a white t-shirt that features a black-tie printed on the front of the tee with the musical’s logo. This shirt is perfect for fans that want to match the missionary costumes’ that the main characters wear. Use this shirt to ring doorbells, knock on doors, and share the most amazing book.


How I Met Your Mother Shirt Tie

how i met your mother shirt tie

Known for always wearing a suit and tie on How I Met Your Mother, Barney Stinson is a perfect example of how our shirts are used in pop culture. After losing a bet with Marshall, stylish Barney has to wear for a full year a tie he made fun of for its appearance: blue with yellow ducks on it. Because the tie became a running joke in the show and gained cult following, the sitcom licensed our product and launched the perfect gift for any HIMYM fan: a cotton t-shirt with a blue tie and small yellow duckies printed on it. Every day is a lengen- wait for it- dary day with a shirt like this one.

More Television

Simpsons Shirt Tie

simpsons shirt tie

Another popular television show that has acquired licensing rights is The Simpsons. Online you can find a white shirt with an orange striped tie printed on it and Homer’s name tag. Perfect for binge watching this great cartoon show, taking a walk through an amusement park, or dressing up for Halloween, the cotton t-shirt will have you looking like Springfield’s favorite Power Plant safety inspector (complete with a donut stain and everything!).


Spiderman Shirt Tie

spiderman shirt tie

Besides sports, theatre, and television, our licensing also reaches the comic world. Marvel’s Spider-Man has used our product to make some of its most popular merch. One example is a fun crew-neck royal blue t-shirt that features a large Spider-Man graphic tie at the chest. Have your kids swing into action with their favorite superhero! Shirts like these are perfect birthday and Christmas presents for every Peter Parker fan.


There are infinite possibilities in how you can customize our basic outline and design your own “Shirt Tie”. For a small license fee, Waltzing Bear offers a non-exclusive license to design, print, and sell Shirt Ties. From uniforms to customized gifts to promotional apparel, our product has infinite possibilities! If you’re interested in joining our group of licensees and using our outline, contact Waltzing T Bear today!

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