Why Wear A Shirt With A Tie Printed On It?

Ties printed on shirts are a unique design concept that has taken the world of retail fashion by storm. A concept so novel yet so simple has been the brainchild of Waltzing T Bear, a company which, to this day, holds the trademark over funky ties on shirts designs. If you don’t have your own tie printed tee already, read on to find out what you are missing, as well as the other options this brand serves.

man in piano shirt tie

The Rise Of The Shirt Tie

Waltzing T Bear was formally established in 1993 by the combined efforts of Sol Sandlow and David Hoff. At that time, the unique design idea of shirt ties generated immense buzz in the streets. People flocked to the concept like bees to dahlia. The reason was simple- the need to tie a tie had been obviated. All the time taken to tie a knot, ensure the perfect length and choose it in accordance with the attire worn, had been replaced by simply pulling on a tee with a tie printed on it. All the hassle and effort minimalized by a single, tiny innovation.

What makes this idea even more popular is the funk factor and flexibility it accords. You need not reserve your Shirt Tie for formal wear alone. Given the colors, design patterns and shapes that the tie can be given to, it can be worn almost everywhere! From parties, to dates to casual outings with friends, they are suitable for almost every occasion imaginable!

In fact, Shirt Ties are the best dressing up option for people who opt for casual aesthetics. Shirt Ties offer the perfect combination of high design with casual funk. Very few fashion outlets can boast of such permutations and combinations as much as Waltzing T Bear does.

Official Validation for the Shirt Tie Design:

Waltzing T Bear’s concept has received corroboration and validation from a number of corporate events, collegiate sporting events, University site sales, Macy’s, Sears’s and many other top retail outlets. The TONY Award winning production, Book of Mormon, has even collaborated with shirttie.com! Loyal fans have always sworn by the design’s aesthetic functionality-from adults to children alike. Parents especially rave on about how fabulous their children look in an attractive Shirt Tie. Shirt Ties also serve as a perfect gift option for a lot of people, no matter what their sartorial preferences may be. With a bulk order for a particular design, they can be even worn as a typical campaign outfit, or can be used to promote an event or a cause. With the diverse utility of the shirt tie, the possibilities are simply endless!

Licensing Deals with Waltzing T Bear

Waltzing T Bear holds the trademark rights for the necktie shirt design (registered under the U.S Reg. No. 2746427). The basic outline of the design itself has been trademarked, notwithstanding the extra ornamentation and details that can be added to it. That being said, Waltzing T Bear has made provisions to use the Trademark for a small license fee. Waltzing T Bear offers a non-exclusive license to all its licensees to design, print and sell Shirt Ties featuring or bearing the Trademark on them.  All this while, Waltzing T Bear shall hold the exclusive rights to revoke the license as it so pleases, upon finding any violation of the Trademark.

Business With The Shirt Tie

Business outlets, retailers and small organizations can open portals of growth by partnering with Waltzing T Bear to sell their Shirt Tie Designs. Once their license is approved, Waltzing T Bear gives you free rein as an organization to approach any manufacturer or distributor to sell your own Shirt Tie Design! They make great uniforms and promotional apparel!

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